Plaits, plaits and more plaits

Today’s blog is all about plaits! Weather it’s for a festival or just for something a little bit different plaits are huge right now!!!

The Truth About Going Lighter

mportant info for you ALL…
(Both clients and stylists)

I try to explain to clients, there are stages to hair colour….


Eyebrows have quickly became one of the biggest and noticed beauty area. The shape of your brows enhance your appearance and your face shape, It balances you features and shapes you eyes. Eyebrows have become such a big thing and so many people are having eyebrow treatments done. So here are a few DO’S and […]

Color Wow!

Have you tried the latest “Godsend” from the hairdressing world? If you find a few weeks after having your color done those sneaky greys are popping trough then this is going to be your best friend! Color Wow is a really effective root cover up that hides all greys! you just brush on and it […]

Thinking Of Extensions?

Today’s blog is all about hair extensions! Extensions are all in at the moment with so many celebrities wearing them, They can be got to add length to the hair or even just to add thickness! So before you get your luscious locks I would recommend you have a little look at the aftercare that […]

Fringe Benefits!!

So even as a hairdresser I have days where I just don’t know what I want to do with my hair ! Do I grow it ? Do I chop it off ? Change colour ? Aghhhhhh… Sometimes You just want a little change and a fringe is such a great idea ! There are […]

Choosing the perfect summer foundation

Thinking of changing your foundation now the warmer weather is coming in ?…

Decoderm 16hr foundation

decoderm 16hr

There is nothing quite like finding the perfect summer foundation, After all the right foundation is the key to transform your complexion. This one is guaranteed to give you 16 hours impeccable hold and 24 hour of continuous hydration  perfect for summer months. It is a Lightweight foundation. You forget you are even wearing any!it looks very natural on the skin not giving total coverage but hides any imperfections aswell as highlighting your best features!

Age Modelling Foundation

age modelling

If your looking for something with a little bit more coverage try this one! It is a creamy soft velvety texture that blends into the skin giving natural radiant finish. It is available in 4 different shades and ensures maximum accuracy of colour for appearance on the skin and adaptable coverage also corrects signs of fatigue.

What is a primer and why use one?

A primer prepares the skin for make up, Carrying out invisible correcter effects that facilitate the application of make up and prolongs its duration uniforming the complexion and minimizing imperfections and discoloration while it illuminates the face and contrasts the dull complexion .


Here in zinc we sell two different types of primers from the decoderm range.

Diamond Radiant primer

The innovative formula is enriched with special ingredients containing diamond power with photo reflection properties to illuminate the complexion reduce facial lines and optically reduce wrinkles and sensitive skin.

Silk Filling Primer

It contains clastomeric polymers that make the formula silky and soft and carry out a filling action on wrinkles minimizing their visibility such as properties make this primer particularly adapted to eye ad lip couture areas. Smoothed  skin even complexion gives you a radiant matt finish!


If you have any questions I would be happy to help

Tanya and team Zinc


The Lead Up To The Big Day

From my time working in a salon we always have clients calling up before there wedding asking what they should be getting done and how far ahead should they start prepping themselves!,

As we say here in Zinc, Leave the stress to us and enjoy your big day!

So we have made out a Bridal To do list so you know exactly what to do

9-12 months To Go

  • Decide on a beauty budget for the wedding
  • Start collecting photos for inspiration
  • If your thinking of new hair colour or style, now is the time to change it
  • Letting it grow? Start monthly treatments and bi monthly trims

6-9 months TO GO

  • Book hair and make up trials
  • Start monthly facials including any part of the body that your dress will expose ie. your back
  • Start drinking 1-2 liters of water a day

4-6 months TO GO

  • Book hair and make up for your big day
  • Consult with your brow specialist
  • Up your fruit and vegetable intake

1 month TO GO

  • Get a trim
  • Begin at home teeth whitening
  • Start a detox plan

2 weeks TO GO

  • Get your colour done
  • Confirm your details with wedding hair and beauty team
  • Book manicures, pedicures, tans ect for 1-2 days before the wedding

1 week TO GO

  • Get all of your waxing done
  • Pack a bag with everything you need for the big day
  • Get your final facial done
  • Get a full body exfoliation

1-2 days TO GO

  • Get manicures pedicures tans ect done
  • shampoo hair and apply treatment approved by your hair dresser
  • Do not shampoo again before the wedding
  • Apply a skin brightening mask approved by your beauty therapist


  • Shower with a shower cap 4-5 hours before you leave
  • Moisturise your hands
  • Do touch ups after you cry and before you leave
  • And most importantly Enjoy!!

Here at zinc we have a fantastic wedding team and would be delighted to be part of your big day!

If you want to call or email us about our wedding packages or even just to ask a few questions we would be happy to help 🙂

Kirsty and the zinc team


Zinc Wedding Team Front Picture




Clients often ask me when to start getting their children’s hair cut. Every child’s hair growth is different, some have a full head of hair at 6 months and others are still bald at 3!!

I think its never to early to start. It’s good for the kids to get used to a salon environment as its a noisy busy place and if you leave it until they are 2 or 3 they can be terrified!

Personally I think from about 6 months start to bring them in, even if its just to trim a little fringe or a bit at the back. We always welcome clients who have just had babies to bring them in with them, we love a new baby here in Zinc! This way they are used to it from an early age.

Its also a good idea not to mention the word “cut” as most kid’s association with that word is negative and means pain! Better to say lets make your hair lovely or tidy.

If your child starts to get distressed or upset, maybe just call it quits for that day rather than forcing it, it’s not fair on the child and it’s near on impossible to cut a moving target!!!

We like to give a lolly to kids afterwards like a lot of salon and understandably some parents don’t want this so just let the hairdresser know early on in the appointment. (Just in case we use it as a bribe to get them to sit still lol! )

The main thing is to have a relaxed approach with the child. Getting your hair done should be a fun, nice experience. Many of my clients who are kids now ask for a haircut and look forward to and enjoy it!

Hope you find this helpful.
Any questions just ask away!!

Lisa and the team in Zinc xxx