Important info for you ALL…
(Both clients and stylists)

I try to explain to clients, there are stages to hair color.
I always use Khloe Kardashian as an example, because she has done so much to her hair in the past 2 years (I put together this collage to showcase).
I want to educate all of my clients on color theory so there are no surprises when your color doesn’t turn out like you expect…

Everyone has different undertones in their hair.
If you have black, dark brown, or medium brown hair… your undertone is red.

If you have light brown, dark blonde, medium blonde… your undertone is orange.

If you have light blonde to pale blonde… your undertone is yellow.

What this means:
If we color you lighter, your natural undertone is going to show through the color we achieve.

As a stylist, we are limited to what we can do for you…

1. We can bleach or lighten you to the palest color we can achieve (sometimes that may not be as light as you are hoping)… adding Olaplex to your service can greatly increase the chance of getting your hair lighter, without the expected damage.

2. We can tone your hair with… green to cancel red, blue to cancel orange, and violet to cancel yellow. (Sometimes this makes the hair muddy looking, or a little tinged to a blue, green, or violet color. Note: toner only lasts 4-6 weeks, after that,u are back to your natural undertones… so keep coming back for your toner)

3. We can balance your hair with a pH treatment. (When your hair’s ph levels are off, so will your color)

4. We can seal in your color with a treatment (this helps with fade-out, keeping your color long lasting and vibrant)

What you need to do for yourself…

1. Throw out your cheap products!! (Cheap products contain harsh chemicals that eat away at the molecules in your color. Why spend all that money, just to forfeit the desired look?!)

2. Stay out of the sun!! (Sun naturally lightens hair. When your hair lightens, the natural undertones begin to pop out)

3. Get a water softener. (Hard water puts unwanted chemicals in your hair and can strip the color right out)

4. Don’t do toners on yourself (drug store and beauty supply stores that YOU can buy color at, are not quality products… you will do more damage than good)

5. Buy a take-home treatment from me… this will keep your color lasting longer and your hair looking shinier and healthier.

6. Be patient. You cannot build a house overnight!! (Color takes time, or you will end up with damaged hair.)

Now, NOTE:
All of these treatments, remedies, and color applications cost money!! If you have high expectations for your hair, your wallet needs to match those expectations. Your desired look, will most likely take multiple applications, be patient… and make sure you have the money to achieve and keep up on your desired look.

If money is an issue, ask for a price quote.

If time is of the essence, don’t bother getting a lighter color.

If keeping up on your investment (your hair color) isn’t in your time, don’t do it.

Be realistic with yourself and your budget.

Don’t like what I have written? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion!! This here, is mine. Feel like I haven’t written the truth? Feel free to write your own article, don’t bash mine.

If you feel this post can better help you or your clients understand the process of color… repost and share. But only do so if you credit me in the post. Thank you
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Blog by Danielle Filice