So are you one of those people who uses any shampoo you find in the bathroom and then wonder “why is my hair not in good condition?”

We hear this every day in the salon and its 9 times out of 10 its brought back to shampoos and products you are using on your hair.

Here in Zinc we stock products called Alfaparf. They are designed especially to suit every type of hair and make the dreaded washing/drying your hair that little bit easier.

So in Zinc we use Alfaparf Semi Di lino. It is an amazing range and it stocks all products from Shampoo to Styling products. It is free from Sulphates, Parabens, Mineral Oils and Artificial Allergens. So it is not heavy on the hair and will not leave it feeling greasy.

We have 5 different hair types to suit and were sure you will find the perfect one.

1. Diamond Range (suits normal/coloured hair)

So this is a really light shampoo. This gives an amazing shine off the hair and leaves it smelling fantastic. I’ve found it works great on Blondes, But the HEALTHY blondes. It guarantees up to 17% extra shine. we do have one for the dry end blondes so we keep this for the hair that is in good condition to enhance its shine.  It contains vitamin vitamin A E and F to give the hair Fiber new energy.

2.Moisture (Dry coloured hair)

The moisture products is for hair that is Dehydrated and needs to correct softness. This will cleanse and nourish you hair without leaving it heavy or lank. It is amazing for tangled hair!! Hair will have 3% more shine and 5% fewer tangles, it doesn’t seem like much but you will 100% notice the difference. I always use the nutritive range on any of my clients that have chemically damage hair, it helps split ends.  if you have dry dehydrated hair this product is your new best friend.

3. Reconstruct (Damaged coloured hair)

This product works wonders on damaged, stressed hair. It will guarantee to replenish hair deep down whilst ensuring you still have a shine off it. the reconstruct products all contain Bamboo Marrow which is very high in silicon content, fundamental to deliver strength and elasticity to the heart of the fiber. We use the reconstruct range on nearly all our damaged blondes as we have seen amazing results in the past from using these products.

4.Volume (Thin Coloured Hair)

Do you feel your hair is thin, lifeless and fine? you should definitely try the volume products. When you use this it supports the hair for full volume effect without feeling heavy on the hair. The volume ingredient plumps out the hair making it look fuller.I would use this on alot of clients who don’t have a lot of thickness in there hair but long for big bouncy blow dry’s!

5. Discipline(Frizzy Coloured Hair)

If your hair is fuzzy, dry , and you just feel like it is out of control, Im sure every time you wash your hair you dread the drying part or if you let it dry naturally it turns out like a bush! Well thats why alfaparf have brought out this product as the answer to your prayers! It is dedicated to unruly hair, which needs to recover shine while controlling the humidity. The product contains almond butter so it will be a little heavier then your average shampoo but if your hair is the fussy type you will need it! We find this product sells more in summer as it blocks out humidity.

We have different Gift packs NOW in salon for the Christmas season that contain a shampoo, a conditioner and a styling product. We have them in Each Diamond,Nutritive, Volume, Repair and Discipline for €30.

If you are unsure which shampoo, conditioner or products to use pop in for a quick chat with myself or any of the Zinc girls and we will be sure to point you in the right direction!

Kirsty And The Zinc Team