Dermalogica pro skin 30 + 60 minute treatments

Dermalogica have introduced a new facial and they have also revamped their treatments….



Lately I have had a lot of questions about Shellac nails so I have wrote a little information hoping it will answer the common questions clients have been asking…

Your Appointment with Plastic Surgery is Postponed!!

Here at Zinc Hair ans Beauty we are launching a new brand of facials. There is 3 different types:

Botox Facial
Anti-wrinkle Facial
Eye Rescue Facial


As promised we are going to continue with some our dermalogica products. Reading about them will give you an idea of what would suit your skin type

Tips on choosing the right cleanser


Eyebrows have quickly became one of the biggest and noticed beauty area. The shape of your brows enhance your appearance and your face shape, It balances you features and shapes you eyes. Eyebrows have become such a big thing and so many people are having eyebrow treatments done. So here are a few DO’S and […]


Are you fed up with your nail polish chipping an hour after applying it? Does your nail polish take too long to dry? Well here at Zinc we have the solution for you! The new CND Vinylux polish or others might call it a “weekly manicure” is the answer for you!!   This is a […]

Why Choose Dermalogica

Dermalogica isnt just the worlds leading professional product line its a complete system for success all therapists are highly trained and go to lots of different classes to keep up to the latest tips on the skin care products.