Lately I have had alot of questions about shellac nails

So I have wrote a little information hoping it will answer the common questions clients have been asking.

Shellac is a brand name by a company called Creative nail design (CND)

Its is a blend of gel and polish meaning it has the ease of polish with a performance of a gel.

It Has –

  • A 14+ Day wear
  • Zero Dry Time
  • High shine
  • 5 minute removal

It has been mixed up with alot of other gel polishes but you just have to remember shellac is the brand.

It Is Applied similar to nail polish no sculpting or filling.

It is cured under UV lighting. It can also be incorporated into enhancements to give colour to your gels or acrylics.

It is applied thin enough but gives great flexibility and durability.

Shellac CND should not be mixed with any other gel polish systems.

Nail damage can be avoided by proper remover by cotton and foil removal method.

Some clients may experience dryness we recommend using solar oil to keep them nice and moisturized.

When in getting shellac service you should:

  • Look out for CND shellac certified pro logo.
  • Ask if the salon uses CND shellac products.
  • Watch what products are being used during service.

Here are some pictures of real CND products.