Today’s blog is all about plaits! Weather it’s for a festival or just for something a little bit different plaits are huge right now!!!
Not only are they great for kids but their are so many that look amazing on adults to!!! And their are so many types! These are the main and most popular plaits!!!

The French plait : This is probably the most popular and well known plait out of all the braids and probably the most simple! This is a three strand braid where you start off by taking a section of hair at the top of the head and sectioning it into three! Start off by bringing the left section over the center section and joining in into the right one, then bring the right section over the center section to join the left one, continue this the whole way down the head adding a small section of hair in with each section on the way down. Once down the very end of the hair, finish with a small bobbin.

The Dutch plait : The Dutch braid is also known as an inside out plait. It is known as this because it is very similar to a basic braid, the only difference is instead of bringing your strands over the center section you are bringing them under. Continuing to add hair into each section the whole way down and finishing at the end of the hair. This braid is a lot tighter and structured on the head so it is nice to finish this braid off by pulling it out and loosening it as much as you like! This gives a nice soft finish.

The halo plait: This braid is more of an advanced braid and is better to try on someone else before trying on yourself! Start by sectioning the back of the hair In two and by tilting the head forward allow the hair to fall forward to show the crown section on top. Starting on the right section, start to Dutch braid along the head staying as close to the hairline as possible the whole way around creating a halo effect. Continue until you finished back where you have started and braid to the ends of the hair. Secure with a bobbin and at this point start to pull out and texturize you braid, finish by tucking the ends of the braid into the right side to join the halo together. To add extra softer if you have bangs or a fringe you can pull that out to give a more festival feel.

Fishtail plait : This braid is one of few two strand braids. The easiest way to start a Fishtail plait is to smooth all the hair back into a low ponytail. Start by sectioning the hair In two and keeping one section in each hand, take a very small section from the outer left side of the left section and join it into the inner side of the right section. Then take a very small section from the outer right side of the right section and join it into the inner side of the left section, continue this the whole way down to the ends of the hair and secure with a bobbin. To soften the look remove the top bobbin and pull the braid out Abit.

Waterfall plait : This braid is a beautiful way to add texture to a down hair style. Starting at the front hairline pick up your 3 strands as if your starting to do a French braid. Start to French braid the hair, after you have brought the third section over drop the bottom one to blend with the hair that is down, then pick more hair up beside the dropped one to replace the one you have just dropped. To keep the plait along the hairline make sure to keep adding small bits of hair to the top section! Drop every third bottom section and continue doing so until you reach the back. Secure with a clip to finish the look.

Plaits are so in right now whether it be for going to the gym, going on a night out or going to a festival! They are such a handy trick to have up anyone’s sleeve that will always come in useful.