Choosing the perfect summer foundation

Thinking of changing your foundation now the warmer weather is coming in ?…

Decoderm 16hr foundation

decoderm 16hr

There is nothing quite like finding the perfect summer foundation, After all the right foundation is the key to transform your complexion. This one is guaranteed to give you 16 hours impeccable hold and 24 hour of continuous hydration  perfect for summer months. It is a Lightweight foundation. You forget you are even wearing any!it looks very natural on the skin not giving total coverage but hides any imperfections aswell as highlighting your best features!

Age Modelling Foundation

age modelling

If your looking for something with a little bit more coverage try this one! It is a creamy soft velvety texture that blends into the skin giving natural radiant finish. It is available in 4 different shades and ensures maximum accuracy of colour for appearance on the skin and adaptable coverage also corrects signs of fatigue.

What is a primer and why use one?

A primer prepares the skin for make up, Carrying out invisible correcter effects that facilitate the application of make up and prolongs its duration uniforming the complexion and minimizing imperfections and discoloration while it illuminates the face and contrasts the dull complexion .


Here in zinc we sell two different types of primers from the decoderm range.

Diamond Radiant primer

The innovative formula is enriched with special ingredients containing diamond power with photo reflection properties to illuminate the complexion reduce facial lines and optically reduce wrinkles and sensitive skin.

Silk Filling Primer

It contains clastomeric polymers that make the formula silky and soft and carry out a filling action on wrinkles minimizing their visibility such as properties make this primer particularly adapted to eye ad lip couture areas. Smoothed  skin even complexion gives you a radiant matt finish!


If you have any questions I would be happy to help

Tanya and team Zinc