Need a hair appointment? No Babysitter? No Problem!!!

I think all mammys have the problem of always having to worry about getting a baby sitter every time they need to get there hair done. But don’t worry here are a few tips we have to make the experience easier for you and your children!

Here in Zinc we are 99.9 always prepared for children! this includes colouring books, crayons, markers and of course them little bribes that make things a little easier like lollipops and biscuits! 😀

We also have a dolls head that they can brush and style, we find alot of children are entertained for a while when they play with this.

That’s what we have but of course, feel free to bring anything at all that you know keeps your child happy and content, Be it an i pad, books cars dolls. as we know ourselves Happy Child = Relaxed Mammy!!! 😀 😀

Any other little goodies or treats you usually give them would be a good idea to bring aswell. We can usually sit them beside you or else on our couch which is not too far away!

We also have alot of space here in zinc so buggies are no problem!

Also it is good for your child to see their mammy getting her hair cut as this makes them feel more at ease when its there turn to get a cut 🙂

Dont forget we open Monday – Sunday and do 2 late nights till 8pm so we are always available for mammys relaxation! 😀 😀


Any questions just send a message! Becky And the zinc team!