Clients often ask me when to start getting their children’s hair cut. Every child’s hair growth is different, some have a full head of hair at 6 months and others are still bald at 3!!

I think its never to early to start. It’s good for the kids to get used to a salon environment as its a noisy busy place and if you leave it until they are 2 or 3 they can be terrified!

Personally I think from about 6 months start to bring them in, even if its just to trim a little fringe or a bit at the back. We always welcome clients who have just had babies to bring them in with them, we love a new baby here in Zinc! This way they are used to it from an early age.

Its also a good idea not to mention the word “cut” as most kid’s association with that word is negative and means pain! Better to say lets make your hair lovely or tidy.

If your child starts to get distressed or upset, maybe just call it quits for that day rather than forcing it, it’s not fair on the child and it’s near on impossible to cut a moving target!!!

We like to give a lolly to kids afterwards like a lot of salon and understandably some parents don’t want this so just let the hairdresser know early on in the appointment. (Just in case we use it as a bribe to get them to sit still lol! )

The main thing is to have a relaxed approach with the child. Getting your hair done should be a fun, nice experience. Many of my clients who are kids now ask for a haircut and look forward to and enjoy it!

Hope you find this helpful.
Any questions just ask away!!

Lisa and the team in Zinc xxx