Using the right shampoo for you

Choosing the right shampoo can be difficult, so why not ask us, the professionals.

There is a shampoo out there for every hair type, you just have to find the right one.

Some people find there hair is getting pulled down, feeling greasy or just had a build up of product, this is all down to using the wrong shampoo.

Ingredients are a big issue when it comes to shampoo:
Some supermarket brands can actually strip the hair colour and remove the hairs natural oils.

Always look for shampoos low in sulphate which dries out the hair
Also look for ones with moisturising ingredients.

Alfaparf Shamppos

Parabens are used to kill bacteria in water based solutions and can be absorbed through the skin so look for paraben free shampoo.
Certain shampoos can end up leaving build up in the hair which can put a block on the hair shaft which can block colour from taking on the hair or conditioner not absorbing into the hair and can also cause a reaction on the scalp.

If you have limp lifeless hair:
Try use a light shampoo or volumising shampoo to help plump out the hair shaft and add body to the roots instead of a heavy shampoo that will pull the hair down.

image 2

If you have coarse healthy hair but very dry or damaged ends:
Try use a discipline shampoo for the hair type and a repair conditioner for the condition of the ends of the hair.

If you use a lot of product on your hair daily and are finding its always looking greasy:
Try using a clarifying shampoo to help remove product build up in the hair.

image 3

If you have quite fine hair on the roots and its not growing very well:
Try using an energising shampoo and scalp lotion to help stimulate hair growth and strengthen the hair.

Any questions ask away


Samantha and the Zinc Team 🙂 x