Top tanning tips

The last thing you want going on a holiday is to be known as the newbie in the resort. FACT. So why not fake it? Step off the plane with that holiday glow

When it comes to spray tan I’ve tried them all and would highly recommend cocoa brown it is the best, as you can wash it off after 1-3 hours depending on how dark you like to tan.No more going to bed sticky ruining your bed sheets and your partner complaining of the smell!

Here are some tips leading up to the holiday:

Stop wearing tan 10 days prior to your holiday as your skin becomes dehydrated and scaly.

Get your skin hydrated when you are tan free, buy really rich body moisturizer, use this once a day. Focus on ankles knees and elbows all places tan sticks to.

Exfoliate daily! It will remove all dead skin cells and will leave skin feeling fresh and soft.

I would advise to get your spray tan professionally done a day before your holiday, Wear loose fitted clothing and remember do NOT put a bra back on until after you have rinsed your tan off, as this can leave you with really bad bra strap lines.

When you have spoken with your beauty therpist and decided on the development time give your tan a light wash and moisturize plenty after your shower for an amazing glow!

Bring cocoa brown chocolate whip and apply every day while you are away, this will keep your skin hydrated and glowing.



Use gentle bronze after your shower in the evening as your tan will fade from the pool and sea, this product will prolong your colour.


gentle bronze


Here’s a recap on tanning tips we find are most important here in Zinc:

  • Exfoliate to remove dry skin but DO NOT moisturizer as this will block the tan from absorbing into your skin, also no make up of perfume
  • Wear loose dark clothing
  • do not exercise or sweat excessively until your first shower
  • to prolong tan make sure to moisturizer in the days after to help tan fade evenly and avoid exfoliation until you want to remove tan.

I really hope this helps and if you have any questions just send a message or call us 🙂

Tanya and the Zinc Team x