This Years “In” Trends

So we all want to know what trends are “in” and what trends have gone “out”, This year we still have the most popular from last year for example the long curly blowdrys , ombre but this year were finding everything is being toned down and softer!

Last years ombre has now been replaced by Balyage! Think soft, natural and feminine.

This years “it” haircut is still the mid lenght bob or “lob” , Celebs like Alexa Chung have been sporting this since 2013 and its only becoming one of the strongest hair trends. This is because this cuts is so versatile that it suits most people! Using waves make it softer but straight and sleek makes it  that little bit more edgier! soft fringes and side partings help this haircut be soft but still bang on trend! I know the leap to cut your hair can be terrifying but the style is very easy to grow out and still look good!

This cut paired wit balyage will put you fashion forward.



Balyage is the softer version of ombre. Instead of all the ends of your hair being really bright in contrast with the top it is naturally lighter pieces throughout the hair “Sunkissed”

This colour and style looks amazing and is low maintenance. What more could a girl want?!



ball vs ombre

Taking my que from clebs I have noticed blondes are opting for softer tones too, bleach blondes are becoming more manageable. Im not saying go dark stay bright and keep tones soft. A chat with your stylist will show that you can still stay bright and beautiful opting for sutle changes in tone.


blonde bally


Working in a salon I constantly hear the phrase “I cant do my hair myself at home”, Well lucky for you this years trend Softer waves are set to change that. Big hair is OUT! and those plaits that make you feel all thumbs are simplified! Thank the hair gods!!

Bouncy curly blowdrys are amazing and give instant glam. But unfortunately we dont have live in stylist at our beck and call like Kim K! These tip for help at home will help!

You can create fab hairstyles without the hassle, My quick tip for perfectly imperfect waves:

1: Plait your hair in pigtails (Just ordinary plaits dont worry!)

2: Using the straightener go over the plait 2-3 times to heat them, Id recommend using a heat protect to keep from damaging the hair, Morocanoil Heat protect is really good!

3:Let your hair cool off whilst still in the two plaits! when it is completely cool take it out and run your fingers trough it, finish with a bit of morocanoil hair spray as it is light but will hold your waves naturally.




Even with the 10000s of Youtube tutorials some of us still cant master the 6strand plait inside out french braid! So lucky for us braids have gone super simple this year 🙂 Instead of crown braid the “In” thing is a side braid pulled out loosely (Think sduper simple Elsa plait)

1: Pull your hair to the side and plait

2: After securing with a bobbin pull on each loop slightly, loosening the braid

3: Thats it! 2 simple steps, add a bit of semi di lino shine spray for that glossy finish !

tash blog


This year is definitely my favorite trends because there natural, manageable and easy! If you have any questions dont hesitate to drop into the salon as we will be more then happy to help keep your hair looking fab in between visits!

Natasha and the Zinc Team!