The Lead Up To The Big Day

From my time working in a salon we always have clients calling up before there wedding asking what they should be getting done and how far ahead should they start prepping themselves!,

As we say here in Zinc, Leave the stress to us and enjoy your big day!

So we have made out a Bridal To do list so you know exactly what to do

9-12 months To Go

  • Decide on a beauty budget for the wedding
  • Start collecting photos for inspiration
  • If your thinking of new hair colour or style, now is the time to change it
  • Letting it grow? Start monthly treatments and bi monthly trims

6-9 months TO GO

  • Book hair and make up trials
  • Start monthly facials including any part of the body that your dress will expose ie. your back
  • Start drinking 1-2 liters of water a day

4-6 months TO GO

  • Book hair and make up for your big day
  • Consult with your brow specialist
  • Up your fruit and vegetable intake

1 month TO GO

  • Get a trim
  • Begin at home teeth whitening
  • Start a detox plan

2 weeks TO GO

  • Get your colour done
  • Confirm your details with wedding hair and beauty team
  • Book manicures, pedicures, tans ect for 1-2 days before the wedding

1 week TO GO

  • Get all of your waxing done
  • Pack a bag with everything you need for the big day
  • Get your final facial done
  • Get a full body exfoliation

1-2 days TO GO

  • Get manicures pedicures tans ect done
  • shampoo hair and apply treatment approved by your hair dresser
  • Do not shampoo again before the wedding
  • Apply a skin brightening mask approved by your beauty therapist


  • Shower with a shower cap 4-5 hours before you leave
  • Moisturise your hands
  • Do touch ups after you cry and before you leave
  • And most importantly Enjoy!!

Here at zinc we have a fantastic wedding team and would be delighted to be part of your big day!

If you want to call or email us about our wedding packages or even just to ask a few questions we would be happy to help 🙂

Kirsty and the zinc team


Zinc Wedding Team Front Picture