Hair Loss During Pregnancy

So with summer only around the corner, we have alot of clients that have just had a baby or about to have them. We thought why not give a heads up to this major topic that so many people worry and stress over after the baby has arrived Hair Loss!!!

Hair loss is more common then you think! During pregnancy as your estrogen levels increase which makes hair thick and healthy looking. Many women find the during pregnancy that they don’t loose much hair. This is because on average we loose 100 – 125 hairs a day, These are individual hairs so we really notice them coming out, After you have a baby some women loose up to 500 hairs a day. As it is a lot more then normal its is more noticeable especially when brushing and washing your hair, This can be quite alarming and some women worry about this.

You may find a few week after you have been loosing hair that new hair will begin to grow,The hair appears wispy and fly away around the hairline. This can be really annoying as your hair sticks up!

What I found after having my daughter was getting a fringe and a few short layers really helped hide them fly-away pieces. I also went and got my hair styled in a bob as I felt my hair looked effortless as i use to just trow it up in a bobbin. This forced me to style my hair every day and this made me feel a lot better about myself 🙂

After 6months you should notice the hair coming back to its usual Pre- Pregnancy state, although the texture could be slightly different ie, More oily, Straighter.

To help hair get back into its original state id recommend using the Alfaparf Scalp care range.

scalpcare range


The Energizing shampoo is ideal for someone with weak hair who has suffered from hair-loss. It helps reduce and help hair-loss by protecting  the follicle from every day action, This will make your hair stronger and look a lot more healthy.

The stimulating Eliser is a serum that strengthens and perfects hair. this really encourages hair growth.

Here are some quick tips to use if your facing the problem of hair-loss

  • Brush regularly
  • Use really good shampoo and conditioner
  • Try to cut down on using straightener and curlers
  • Get a good cut after the birth
  • Use treatment your stylist recommends

If you have any questions at all about Hair Loss during pregnancy do not be shy to ask as it happens a lot of women and we are happy to help 🙂


Bernice and the Zinc Team