Thinking of a change for the new year? Here are a few tips to follow depending on the change you have in mind!

Firstly number one rule before a scissors or colour brush is lifted to your hair. CONSULTATION, CONSULTATION, CONSULTATION!

We all love a change but it can be a scary prospect and costly too. Follow our guideline for the 3 main change you can make be it colour, cut or extensions /adding volume.


Book a consultation with your stylist. It normally only takes about 15 mins and is generally free of charge in most salons. If you have been home colouring or attending another salon it allows time for the stylist to patch test your skin for allergies and strand test your hair to make sure the condition is able for whatever change you want to make.

Bring pictures as one persons auburn is another persons brown. Colour swatches can be confusing so a picture really helps.

From there you and your stylist can make a hair plan to achieve your desired colour and cost can be explained so there is no nasty shock at the till.



Again a consultation is a good idea as you don’t have to commit to an appointment and it gives you time to be sure you want to go for the chop with all the information you could need. Sometimes people book in for a haircut and panic at the last minute and just get a trim. Be sure you know what to expect with your new style!

Pictures are a great tool as it allows the stylist to see what images you have in your head and they can then take into account your hair type and regular styling routine. No point in giving u a high maintenance haircut if you don’t even own a hairdryer ( lots of my clients don’t

Is this new style high maintenance needing regular cuts ? Does it require certain products or tools to achieve the look ?

Remember your hair should sit in the shape you want when wet and that way if you have to dry it in a hurry it will still look good!

Watch out for how the hairdresser is drying and styling your hair and if she is using products to help! I know everyone thinks we are magicians but really we just know the secrets.



Finally the latest craze in hair transformations is adding length rather than chopping it all off. Consultation is essential to help you decide what type of hair extension is for you, flip in, clip in, microbeads or my personal favourite keratin bonded.

Also you need to think about if you want some extra length or just added volume or something to hold a curl in your hair!

Your stylist will colour match you and advise you in the rigorous aftercare that extensions can require. Generally you need to allow 2/3 days for hair to be ordered and delivered.

Always ask if the price includes free removal as untold damage can be done to your natural hair if you try to remove extensions yourself. ALWAYS have a professional remove them for you and don’t keep them in longer than recommended.


So why not start your new year off with a hair change? Big or small it will make you feel great!

Lisa and the Zinc team xxx