The Lead Up To The Big Day

From my time working in a salon we always have clients calling up before there wedding asking what they should be getting done and how far ahead should they start prepping themselves!,

As we say here in Zinc, Leave the stress to us and enjoy your big day!

So we have made out a Bridal To do list so you know exactly what to do

9-12 months To Go

  • Decide on a beauty budget for the wedding
  • Start collecting photos for inspiration
  • If your thinking of new hair colour or style, now is the time to change it
  • Letting it grow? Start monthly treatments and bi monthly trims

6-9 months TO GO

  • Book hair and make up trials
  • Start monthly facials including any part of the body that your dress will expose ie. your back
  • Start drinking 1-2 liters of water a day

4-6 months TO GO

  • Book hair and make up for your big day
  • Consult with your brow specialist
  • Up your fruit and vegetable intake

1 month TO GO

  • Get a trim
  • Begin at home teeth whitening
  • Start a detox plan

2 weeks TO GO

  • Get your colour done
  • Confirm your details with wedding hair and beauty team
  • Book manicures, pedicures, tans ect for 1-2 days before the wedding

1 week TO GO

  • Get all of your waxing done
  • Pack a bag with everything you need for the big day
  • Get your final facial done
  • Get a full body exfoliation

1-2 days TO GO

  • Get manicures pedicures tans ect done
  • shampoo hair and apply treatment approved by your hair dresser
  • Do not shampoo again before the wedding
  • Apply a skin brightening mask approved by your beauty therapist


  • Shower with a shower cap 4-5 hours before you leave
  • Moisturise your hands
  • Do touch ups after you cry and before you leave
  • And most importantly Enjoy!!

Here at zinc we have a fantastic wedding team and would be delighted to be part of your big day!

If you want to call or email us about our wedding packages or even just to ask a few questions we would be happy to help 🙂

Kirsty and the zinc team


Zinc Wedding Team Front Picture


This Years “In” Trends

So we all want to know what trends are “in” and what trends have gone “out”, This year we still have the most popular from last year for example the long curly blowdrys , ombre but this year were finding everything is being toned down and softer!

Last years ombre has now been replaced by Balyage! Think soft, natural and feminine.

This years “it” haircut is still the mid lenght bob or “lob” , Celebs like Alexa Chung have been sporting this since 2013 and its only becoming one of the strongest hair trends. This is because this cuts is so versatile that it suits most people! Using waves make it softer but straight and sleek makes it  that little bit more edgier! soft fringes and side partings help this haircut be soft but still bang on trend! I know the leap to cut your hair can be terrifying but the style is very easy to grow out and still look good!

This cut paired wit balyage will put you fashion forward.



Balyage is the softer version of ombre. Instead of all the ends of your hair being really bright in contrast with the top it is naturally lighter pieces throughout the hair “Sunkissed”

This colour and style looks amazing and is low maintenance. What more could a girl want?!



ball vs ombre

Taking my que from clebs I have noticed blondes are opting for softer tones too, bleach blondes are becoming more manageable. Im not saying go dark stay bright and keep tones soft. A chat with your stylist will show that you can still stay bright and beautiful opting for sutle changes in tone.


blonde bally


Working in a salon I constantly hear the phrase “I cant do my hair myself at home”, Well lucky for you this years trend Softer waves are set to change that. Big hair is OUT! and those plaits that make you feel all thumbs are simplified! Thank the hair gods!!

Bouncy curly blowdrys are amazing and give instant glam. But unfortunately we dont have live in stylist at our beck and call like Kim K! These tip for help at home will help!

You can create fab hairstyles without the hassle, My quick tip for perfectly imperfect waves:

1: Plait your hair in pigtails (Just ordinary plaits dont worry!)

2: Using the straightener go over the plait 2-3 times to heat them, Id recommend using a heat protect to keep from damaging the hair, Morocanoil Heat protect is really good!

3:Let your hair cool off whilst still in the two plaits! when it is completely cool take it out and run your fingers trough it, finish with a bit of morocanoil hair spray as it is light but will hold your waves naturally.




Even with the 10000s of Youtube tutorials some of us still cant master the 6strand plait inside out french braid! So lucky for us braids have gone super simple this year 🙂 Instead of crown braid the “In” thing is a side braid pulled out loosely (Think sduper simple Elsa plait)

1: Pull your hair to the side and plait

2: After securing with a bobbin pull on each loop slightly, loosening the braid

3: Thats it! 2 simple steps, add a bit of semi di lino shine spray for that glossy finish !

tash blog


This year is definitely my favorite trends because there natural, manageable and easy! If you have any questions dont hesitate to drop into the salon as we will be more then happy to help keep your hair looking fab in between visits!

Natasha and the Zinc Team!

Top tanning tips

The last thing you want going on a holiday is to be known as the newbie in the resort. FACT. So why not fake it? Step off the plane with that holiday glow

When it comes to spray tan I’ve tried them all and would highly recommend cocoa brown it is the best, as you can wash it off after 1-3 hours depending on how dark you like to tan.No more going to bed sticky ruining your bed sheets and your partner complaining of the smell!

Here are some tips leading up to the holiday:

Stop wearing tan 10 days prior to your holiday as your skin becomes dehydrated and scaly.

Get your skin hydrated when you are tan free, buy really rich body moisturizer, use this once a day. Focus on ankles knees and elbows all places tan sticks to.

Exfoliate daily! It will remove all dead skin cells and will leave skin feeling fresh and soft.

I would advise to get your spray tan professionally done a day before your holiday, Wear loose fitted clothing and remember do NOT put a bra back on until after you have rinsed your tan off, as this can leave you with really bad bra strap lines.

When you have spoken with your beauty therpist and decided on the development time give your tan a light wash and moisturize plenty after your shower for an amazing glow!

Bring cocoa brown chocolate whip and apply every day while you are away, this will keep your skin hydrated and glowing.



Use gentle bronze after your shower in the evening as your tan will fade from the pool and sea, this product will prolong your colour.


gentle bronze


Here’s a recap on tanning tips we find are most important here in Zinc:

  • Exfoliate to remove dry skin but DO NOT moisturizer as this will block the tan from absorbing into your skin, also no make up of perfume
  • Wear loose dark clothing
  • do not exercise or sweat excessively until your first shower
  • to prolong tan make sure to moisturizer in the days after to help tan fade evenly and avoid exfoliation until you want to remove tan.

I really hope this helps and if you have any questions just send a message or call us 🙂

Tanya and the Zinc Team x

Using the right shampoo for you

Choosing the right shampoo can be difficult, so why not ask us, the professionals.

There is a shampoo out there for every hair type, you just have to find the right one.

Some people find there hair is getting pulled down, feeling greasy or just had a build up of product, this is all down to using the wrong shampoo.

Ingredients are a big issue when it comes to shampoo:
Some supermarket brands can actually strip the hair colour and remove the hairs natural oils.

Always look for shampoos low in sulphate which dries out the hair
Also look for ones with moisturising ingredients.

Alfaparf Shamppos

Parabens are used to kill bacteria in water based solutions and can be absorbed through the skin so look for paraben free shampoo.
Certain shampoos can end up leaving build up in the hair which can put a block on the hair shaft which can block colour from taking on the hair or conditioner not absorbing into the hair and can also cause a reaction on the scalp.

If you have limp lifeless hair:
Try use a light shampoo or volumising shampoo to help plump out the hair shaft and add body to the roots instead of a heavy shampoo that will pull the hair down.

image 2

If you have coarse healthy hair but very dry or damaged ends:
Try use a discipline shampoo for the hair type and a repair conditioner for the condition of the ends of the hair.

If you use a lot of product on your hair daily and are finding its always looking greasy:
Try using a clarifying shampoo to help remove product build up in the hair.

image 3

If you have quite fine hair on the roots and its not growing very well:
Try using an energising shampoo and scalp lotion to help stimulate hair growth and strengthen the hair.

Any questions ask away


Samantha and the Zinc Team 🙂 x



Clients often ask me when to start getting their children’s hair cut. Every child’s hair growth is different, some have a full head of hair at 6 months and others are still bald at 3!!

I think its never to early to start. It’s good for the kids to get used to a salon environment as its a noisy busy place and if you leave it until they are 2 or 3 they can be terrified!

Personally I think from about 6 months start to bring them in, even if its just to trim a little fringe or a bit at the back. We always welcome clients who have just had babies to bring them in with them, we love a new baby here in Zinc! This way they are used to it from an early age.

Its also a good idea not to mention the word “cut” as most kid’s association with that word is negative and means pain! Better to say lets make your hair lovely or tidy.

If your child starts to get distressed or upset, maybe just call it quits for that day rather than forcing it, it’s not fair on the child and it’s near on impossible to cut a moving target!!!

We like to give a lolly to kids afterwards like a lot of salon and understandably some parents don’t want this so just let the hairdresser know early on in the appointment. (Just in case we use it as a bribe to get them to sit still lol! )

The main thing is to have a relaxed approach with the child. Getting your hair done should be a fun, nice experience. Many of my clients who are kids now ask for a haircut and look forward to and enjoy it!

Hope you find this helpful.
Any questions just ask away!!

Lisa and the team in Zinc xxx


Thinking of a change for the new year? Here are a few tips to follow depending on the change you have in mind!

Firstly number one rule before a scissors or colour brush is lifted to your hair. CONSULTATION, CONSULTATION, CONSULTATION!

We all love a change but it can be a scary prospect and costly too. Follow our guideline for the 3 main change you can make be it colour, cut or extensions /adding volume.


Book a consultation with your stylist. It normally only takes about 15 mins and is generally free of charge in most salons. If you have been home colouring or attending another salon it allows time for the stylist to patch test your skin for allergies and strand test your hair to make sure the condition is able for whatever change you want to make.

Bring pictures as one persons auburn is another persons brown. Colour swatches can be confusing so a picture really helps.

From there you and your stylist can make a hair plan to achieve your desired colour and cost can be explained so there is no nasty shock at the till.



Again a consultation is a good idea as you don’t have to commit to an appointment and it gives you time to be sure you want to go for the chop with all the information you could need. Sometimes people book in for a haircut and panic at the last minute and just get a trim. Be sure you know what to expect with your new style!

Pictures are a great tool as it allows the stylist to see what images you have in your head and they can then take into account your hair type and regular styling routine. No point in giving u a high maintenance haircut if you don’t even own a hairdryer ( lots of my clients don’t

Is this new style high maintenance needing regular cuts ? Does it require certain products or tools to achieve the look ?

Remember your hair should sit in the shape you want when wet and that way if you have to dry it in a hurry it will still look good!

Watch out for how the hairdresser is drying and styling your hair and if she is using products to help! I know everyone thinks we are magicians but really we just know the secrets.



Finally the latest craze in hair transformations is adding length rather than chopping it all off. Consultation is essential to help you decide what type of hair extension is for you, flip in, clip in, microbeads or my personal favourite keratin bonded.

Also you need to think about if you want some extra length or just added volume or something to hold a curl in your hair!

Your stylist will colour match you and advise you in the rigorous aftercare that extensions can require. Generally you need to allow 2/3 days for hair to be ordered and delivered.

Always ask if the price includes free removal as untold damage can be done to your natural hair if you try to remove extensions yourself. ALWAYS have a professional remove them for you and don’t keep them in longer than recommended.


So why not start your new year off with a hair change? Big or small it will make you feel great!

Lisa and the Zinc team xxx