It’s a wonderful feeling being asked to work at London Fashion Week with Moroccanoil UK creative team and to be asked back for my fourth season , is still as exciting as the first time .

The energy and hair this year was so inspiring and I’m proud to tell you all about what is the new upcoming trends !

Catwalk hair is always secondary to the clothes but for me I think it reflects a more natural way of wearing our hair that’s very achievable with the right products.

First up we had Temperley which had little flashes of colour , the Temperley girl is someone who would love to go crazy with her hair and dye it pink but due to work commitments or lifestyle it’s just not possible.

We achieved this with subtle strips of pastel pinks attached to the hair in a temporary way.

Fun for a weekend or summer festival !

The whole look is very softly tousled , day old hair which can be achieved even on freshly washed hair with a large Tongs very lightly brought through only the mid lengths hair . Apply dry shampoo into the roots and a little onto your hands and work it well into the hair .

Always style the curl away from your face , tuck one piece behind your ear but keep the ear covered for that casual sexy look .

For Kristian Aadnevik it was jungle Wild woman all the way !  Kristian’s clothes are always very sexy and the hair was big and waved and had a modern 80’s feel .
The look was achieved with lots of root boost used all through the hair , rough dried to maintain texture and then tonged in fine sections and back combed through the roots and brushed out everywhere else into these sexy waves.

So now you know what’s big for next year you can keep ahead of the trends ! Why not try out a little flash of colour with an extensions piece for a weekend ? Or maybe wear your hair bigger and more textured than a simple curly Blowdry !

Next week I’m going to talk about creating the right canvas for beautiful hair and how it all begins with the correct shampoo and conditioner !!

Big love and hugs